About Us

ESPRESATI DESIGNS SL born in late 2013 as a result of years of work by its CEO and founder Gonzalo Ruiz González-Espresati in prototyping, mockups and special projects. After working as an industrial designer in different sectors (mechanical industry, film industry, R + D …), he had the dream of creating a leader company in these sectors.

To achieve this objective, and during the years before the founding of the company as such, gathers around him a group of professionals in different areas (both technical and managerial and administrative) to finish forming the current team, capable to manage from start to finish any projects due to the high level of rapport between them.

Meanwhile, during this time it is creating the current study workshop, where all the spaces have been designed and created from scratch, looking for maximum functionality without sacrificing aesthetics and comfort for daily work.

Thanks to this constant investment in staff and resources, Espresati DESIGNS SL It has established itself as a benchmark study regarding the technical and artistic quality of the projects involved.

Finally, we note the high level of commitment of the company with its customers, with whom he maintained constant contact during the creative / production process, to thereby ensure optimal results in the required timeframes.